If you were lucky enough to get engaged over the holidays, then there’s a good chance you’re already planning for the big day. Maybe finding a venue or photographer is at the top of your priority list. Purchasing the dress certainly ranks right up there as well. But have you given much thought yet to the caterer? Many couples quickly find that choosing the catering service is often the most overwhelming hire on the list. Frankly, though, it should be when you consider that food and drink will likely be the costliest expense of your budget. So how do you choose which wedding caterer makes the most sense? Here are some tips to keep in mind from Brides:

  1. Come up with a budget – This is undoubtedly an exciting time in your life. You want every detail to be perfect, especially when it comes to food and drinks for guests. It’s easy to get carried away, though. That’s why it’s imperative to figure out your budget. When you have a set amount in mind that you’re willing to spend, it helps the caterer pull together options within your means. For example, while you may not be able to afford a buffet, family-style could be a reasonable alternative.
  2. Ask the venue for suggestions and requirements – More venues today have a list of preferred vendors. This can definitely make your planning easier; however, you aren’t forced to go with a preferred vendor. Don’t hesitate to ask your venue if they have set requirements for other caterers. For example, the majority of venues want approval of their caterer along with proof of certificates/licenses necessary to perform their services on the property.
  3. Be mindful of their communication – Your caterer should be willing to roll out the red carpet for you and your fiance. This doesn’t just mean preparing an incredible menu, either. Pay attention to details such as how quickly the catering service gets back to you and whether or not they’re willing to answer a lot of questions. We don’t have to remind you that attention to detail is critical on your wedding day. The last thing you want is for the caterer to drop the ball.
  4. Arrange for tastings – Here’s the real fun part of hiring a caterer. You wouldn’t say no to free or significantly discounted food, would you? We didn’t think so. The catering service you have in mind should be willing to let you try three menu options. It’s ultimately your call whether you want guests to decide their meal or if you want the chef to prepare the same dish for everyone.
  5. Read reviews – Before making your final decision, talk to friends and family who may have used the caterer before. Go online and see if you can find any positive reviews from other couples as well. Should you stumble across bad reviews for some reason, it’s probably a good idea to go with a different caterer.

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