Wedding season is just weeks away. If you’re busy planning a summer wedding, then now is the time to decide on a caterer. What most people don’t realize, though, is that not all catering services are the same. There’s no question that the team you hire could make or break the reception. That’s a lot of pressure, right? Here’s the thing: as long as you do some research of your own and take the time to explore multiple options, there’s no need to worry. Check out the five mistakes to avoid when looking for a wedding caterer:

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  1. Not having a budget – Most caterers will offer several main dishes and then allow guests to make their selection. Not surprisingly, costs can escalate in a hurry with a caterer. Prior to meeting with the caterer, make it a point to come up with a reasonable budget. Ask yourself if it’s worth having more expensive options on the menu, such as steak. Keep in mind that a good catering service will work within your budget and not pressure you into overspending. After all, you have other people to pay during this time!
  2. Choosing the cheapest company – Cheaper isn’t necessarily better. This is especially true in the event catering industry. Lower prices usually mean lower quality food and staff. Here’s one way to look at it: you’re probably going to spend thousands of dollars on the entire wedding and reception. Do you really want your day to be remembered for terrible food and awful service? We’re guessing not.
  3. Hiring an inexperienced team – Everybody has to start somewhere. That said, is it the best decision to roll the dice with a brand new catering service? You may want to think twice before hiring a rookie caterer. Frankly, the safe bet is to choose a caterer who has been there and done that.
  4. Failing to do a tasting – It’s one thing to read all the menu options on paper. What’s more helpful, though, is actually getting to see and taste what your guests will be served on the big day. The best part about tastings, though? The majority are free! So remember to go hungry and have fun with them.
  5. Settling for a verbal agreement – Nothing leaves the door open for mistakes and misunderstandings quite like a verbal agreement. Granted, people are busy. But there’s no reason that the caterer you choose shouldn’t provide you with a written agreement that states menu items, expenses, and staff responsibilities.

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