Event Bar Packages & Libations

We offer many bar options for cocktail reception catering at Wild Flower Loft including, open bar, wine, brunch, cordials & coffee bar.

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Bar Packages

Please see below for details on above packages and other bar options.

Deluxe Brands

Premium Brands

House Brands

$10.45/1st Hour $9.45/1st Hour $7.65/1st Hour
2nd Hour: $8.35
3rd Hour: $8.35
2nd Hour: $7.55
3rd Hour: $7.55
2nd Hour: $6.15
3rd Hour: $6.15



Beer & Wine Bar

Open Beverage Bar

Wine Service Table Side

$7.25/1st Hour $5.10/1st Hour $7.25/1st Hour
2nd Hour: $5.65
3rd Hour: $5.65
2nd Hour: $4.05
3rd Hour: $4.05
2nd Hour: $7.25
3rd Hour: $7.25


Wine Selections

Tier One:

La Terre Winery, CA

Chardonnay, Cabernet, Merlot

Tableside Service with Dinner: $7.25 per person

Tier Two:

Douglas Hill Winery, CA

Chardonnay, Cabernet & Merlot

Tableside Service with Dinner: $7.75 per person

Tier Three:

Red Tree Winery, CA

Chardonnay, Pinot Grigio, Pinot Noir, Cabernet

Tableside Service with Dinner: $8.65 per person

Tier Four:

Pricing based on wine selections.

Please contact the catering manager for more information.

Champagne Toast

Champagne Selections: Verdi Asti Spumante

Price Per Person: $2.60

Additional upgrade Champagne selections available upon request.

Brunch Bar

First Hour – $7.40 per person
Each Additional Hour – $4.60 per person
To include: Mimosas, Bloody Marys, White Wine Spritzers & Screw drivers
With Orange juice, Cranberry juice and soft drinks

Cocktail Menu by the Drink

Wines – $5.00
Cordials – $7.00
House Brands – $5.00
Imports & Microbrews – $5.00
Premium Brands – $7.00

Deluxe Brands – $9.00
Soft Drinks – $3.00
Cocktail by the drink package is not inclusive of Bartender Fee.
Please add an additional $150.00 per Bartender

(Any event with a guest count of 60 or more could result in an additional bartender being staffed.
This is at the discretion of the event manager)

Open Bar Package Descriptions

First hour – $5.10 per person
Each additional hour – $4.05 per person
To Include: Pepsi, Diet Pepsi, Sprite, & Assorted Juices

Mixers: Coke, Diet Coke, Sprite, Tonic, Club Soda, Orange Juice, Sweet-n-Sour, Bloody Mary Mix, Cranberry Juice

Cordials & Coffee Bar

We offer several options and assist you in customizing
the perfect station for after dinner consumption.

From artistically arranged coffee stations to an elaborate display of liqueurs,
after dinner drinks, shortbreads with coffee and all its accoutrements,
our staff can assist you in making certain that your event shines the whole way through.

Ask your Wild Flower Loft representative to assist you in making your cordial station selections.