How do you go about choosing a restaurant? There are certainly times where all you want to do is get a table and eat. However, every now and then, the entire eating out experience should be enjoyable. Here are some things to consider as you make your next restaurant visit one to cherish for a long time:

  1. Location – Much like real estate, location is also important when it comes to selecting that perfect restaurant. We’re not saying that the next restaurant you visit should be literally down the street, though. On the other hand, maybe it sits in a neighborhood bustling with activity. It could be that, before you eat, your party takes in a movie or concert just a few blocks away. Part of what makes The Wild Flower Restaurant & Catering so unique is that it’s located at the corner of Euclid and Laclede in the historic Central West End neighborhood. If you’re looking for more than just another fine dining restaurant, then you’ve got to check out this trendy area with a cosmopolitan feel.
  2. Ambiance – Let’s say that you’re going out on a first date or looking to discuss business plans with a client. A restaurant seems like an appropriate meeting place, right? The only thing is that in either of these situations, it’s probably not the best idea to go somewhere that plays loud music. There’s no question that ambiance matters. At The Wild Flower, our charming atmosphere is inviting for just about any occasion.
  3. Value – You obviously want to get a good meal at a restaurant that you feel happy about paying for. The Wild Flower offers a variety of delicious, affordable options for brunch, lunch, and dinner. For example, our dinner menu features crowd favorites such as Smoked Chop Salad, Mushroom Manicotti, and Bistro Burger, all of which are $20 or less.
  4. Service – Impeccable service is hard to come by these days in the food industry. That said, there are some restaurants that continue to value the actual experience of their patrons. At The Wild Flower, our wait staff goes above and beyond from the time you walk in the door to the moment you head out.
  5. History – Would you really make reservations for a big event (wedding reception, rehearsal dinner, etc.) at a place that recently opened? We’re guessing not. For more than two decades, The Wild Flower Restaurant has put on incredible events for those throughout St. Louis. Soon after you get in touch with us regarding the details, we go to work. Feel free to come to us for corporate events, baby/wedding showers, holiday parties, and much more.

Have you been searching for an award-winning gourmet restaurant? Then look no further than The Wild Flower. We take the hassle out of browsing countless lunch places and dinner places.

We invite you to stop by the next time you’re in Central West End. See what makes us the best brunch and best lunch spot!