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Wild Flower Restaurant & Bar’s list of specialty cocktails including mojitos, martinis, Wild Flower favorites, & full beer list
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Hand-Crafted Cocktails


West End Mojito

Ron Castillo silver / strawberries / basil / lime / simple syrup

Wild Orchid Margarita

Espolon Blanco / raspberry liquor / lime / simple syrup / splash of beer

Italian Sazerac

Redemption Rye / cognac / Sambuca / Peychaud’s / sugar


Bulldog Gin / Punt e Mes / Capaletti


Campari / sweet vermouth / sparkling water


Bulleit Rye / Campari / sweet vermouth

Seasonal Libations

Pomegranate Shrub

Smirnoff / shrub /  lemon juice / orange bitters

Wise Sage

Smirnoff / Cointreau / sage / egg white / sugar

White Linen

Bulldog Gin / St. Germaine / lemon / sugar / cucumber

Celementine Rum Sour

Ron Castillo spiced / Clementine juice / egg / simple / Peychaud’s

Monks Revenge

Benedictine / Bulleit Rye / Fernet / Capaletti

Paper Airplane  

Buffalo Trace / Aperol / Amaro Nonino / lemon

By the Pitcher or the Glass

The Wild Orchid

Cadillac Margarita

Original Margarita

Red or White Sangria

Micros, Imports, Domestics & Drafts

Rotating Selection of Draft & Bottle Beers

Our selection is always unique with a wide array of taste & style

 Ask your server about what’s new or local.

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