We ate at Wildflower Saturday evening.  It was one of the best meals we’ve ever had in STL.  The mushroom-brie pizza was really good.  The fried calamari was really, really good, and the garlic chicken was really, really, good.  Somehow, the calamari was dipped in pesto and then lightly fried.  It rested on the most scrumptious red sauce that was almost like ratatouille. The service was wonderful.  The young lady who made the sangria came by to make sure we liked it.  And, our waiter, William, was simply a joy.

Dined: 3/26/18

Have been coming to this place for years and it is truly an institution in the West End. The chef is just wonderful and the service is always great.

Dined: 4/18

I recently attended a beer dinner at The Wild Flower Restaurant and all I can say is it was outstanding. The five course dinner featured five beers from The Old Bakery Beer Company of Alton, IL. Each course, from the fish crudo to the amazing porter infused fettuccine – even the dessert, featured a craft brew that accentuated each course. The staff took special care to ensure each attendee had a great time. I’ll definitely be going back.

Dined: 5/18

It was a cold and wintery night… in April, so we sat inside for dinner. The craft cocktails were interesting and came quickly. I had the most gourmet savory plate of fried chicken and mashed potatoes with gravy, a biscuit and a side of garlicky sauteed broccolini. I ate with my hands cuz it was so good. Trendy mixed crowd of all ages, races, and creeds and the dessert was a rich chocolate torte that I split with my two friends. The interior is elegant and smart and I can’t wait to come back for happy hour.

Dined: 5/18